“I walked out of your office a non-smoker. I’m not sure exactly how it worked, but it has been amazing. I tried many times to quite on my own without success. It has now been four years without a cigarette. I am so pleased.”
–LT, Boston, MA

“I was desperate! I had to take a business trip to China and every time I thought about it, I started shaking and sweating, I hadn’t flown for five years. After four sessions with Lorna I was able to get on that plane with a minimum of stress.”
–Jane B, Cambridge, MA

“The idea of giving the presentation was overwhelming. I know my voice would shake, I would get weak at the knees and I might pass out. Lorna was so helpful. She met with me right away. After two sessions I was able to present without a problem.”
–Anne, Portland, ME

“Before my session, I couldn’t control my craving for sweets. Almost a week now,  and no failures, and no strong cravings. Thank you!!!!!”
–R.D, age 65, Newton, MA

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