The New England Society of Clinical Hypnosis

64th Annual Basic Workshop in Hypnosis

 September 29-30 and October 13-14 2018 At the Walker Center Newton, MA

Open to physicians, doctoral or master’s level licensed healthcare professionals, and dentists.

About the Basic Workshop:  Hypnosis is a highly effective, evidence-based clinical tool with broad applications for the treatment of anxiety, phobias, depression, pain and trauma-related disorders.  In medical and dental settings hypnosis is an excellent way to prepare patients for procedures, and has long been associated with improved outcomes. In this intensive workshop, participants will receive in-depth training in both the theory and practice of hypnosis from some of New England’s leading clinical hypnotherapists. Unlike any other hypnosis basic training program, we offer a full 14 hours of small group guided skill practice to prepare clinicians to begin using hypnosis immediately in their practices.

CEUs/CMEs: This two-weekend course is co-sponsored by the New England Society of Clinical Hypnosis, North Shore Medical Center, and the Institute for Continuing Education for 25 Continuing Education Credits.  Accredited by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

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Early registration (on or before 9/30): $650

Registration after 9/20: $750

Students/Trainees: $399

Some overnight accommodations are available at the Walker Center

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I also teach the following trainings and workshops:


There is a cost to caring. Working with traumatized people can have a profound impact on our personal lives. As we listen to clients’ stories of fear, pain and suffering we may feel similar fear, pain and suffering. Ironically it can be the most effective therapists who are most vulnerable. Those who have enormous capacity for feeling and empathy are often more at risk.

In this workshop we learn about the signs and symptoms of vicarious traumatization. We discuss resilience, and the elements of an effective self-care plan, both on an individual and institutional level.
Offered as 90 minutes to 3 hours training.


Many refugees come to this country after suffering devastating trauma and loss, yet their story is often one of remarkable courage and resilience. In this presentation I talk about the importance of understanding the refugee and immigrant experience and the acculturation process. I discuss the prevalence of trauma related symptoms among many newcomer groups, and present some effective strategies for engagement and treatment across cultures. The focus is on newcomers’ strengths and resilience, and working with existing cultural resources and support systems.
Offered as half day or day-long training.


Over the past decade there has been increasing awareness among clinicians about the significant role psychological trauma has played in the lives of many of our clients. At the same time the popular media and general public have recognized the lingering effects of traumatic events, and clinicians are being increasingly called on to help people cope with the emotional aftermath of violence, victimization and natural disaster. In this workshop we review current thinking about psychological trauma and the effect of trauma on memory, affect regulation and interpersonal relatedness. Topics covered include the neurobiology of trauma, attachment theory, acute and complex trauma, memory and dissociation. Participants learn effective treatment strategies involving phase oriented treatment. Over the last few years a number of new evidence based treatment protocols have been developed. We review and discuss these. We also discuss vicarious traumatization and self-care strategies.
Offered as 1 or 2 day training.


Although the mechanism of dissociation was described by Janet in the late nineteenth century, it is only in the last ten years that the widespread prevalence of the dissociative disorders has been recognized. It remains a controversial diagnostic category, with some clinicians still disputing its validity. This workshop provides an overview of the complex post-traumatic and dissociative conditions including Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly multiple personality disorder), DDNOS, Conversion Disorder and Somatization Disorder.

This workshop addresses the nature of traumatic memory and dissociation. Participants gain skill in differential diagnosis and on recognizing factitious and malingered Dissociative Identity Disorder. Strategies for establishing safety and clarity of the treatment framework are emphasized. The process of establishing co-consciousness, processing traumatic material, and integration is discussed.

The workshop is designed for experienced clinicians who would like specialized training in the treatment of Dissociative Disorders.
Offered as half-day or day-long training.

For more information about any of my trainings or workshops, please contact me by telephone at (617)734-5042 or by email at:


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